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BS in Informatics (the old Computer Science- yes with the 18 exams in math), bored j2ee developer by day- android and python enthusiast, wet shaver, runner, mountaineer, swimmer, cyclist, language learner ( English, German, currently learning Spanish).

General guidance:

  1. Use KISS & DRY they exist for a reason;
  2. If you want to learn new programming language - start competing in codeforce using it and then try to build something cool.
  3. If you want to learn to run, start by walking. You cant wake up superman - start running slow and go distance.
  4. If you want to advanced be sure you are the worse musician in the band (surround with people smarter then you);
  5. The best ways to learn something is to do it every day for small amount of time, use muscle, visual and emotional memory (create emotional hook with something sexual - works for me) and to do it without distractions.